Friday, February 13, 2009

What is it!?

I don't know whether I should laugh or feel sorry for the fact that this piece ended up in a thrift store... Obviously this has to be some sort of reject high school drop out's art project in a sad attempt to create a bong... Of course they did it wrong and that's why it ended up at the Salvation Army. Or perhaps it was some retarded kid's masterpiece thrown out by their ungrateful mother. Was it supposed to be a vase? If it was I don't think many flowers lasted inside it... Or maybe even some random weirdo tried to make a cast of his oddly shaped penis. I don't know folks... This one is just... perplexing. Either way, you have to kind of feel a bit of sorrow with this one. You just know that no one will ever buy it and somehow you know that it never even had a good home. Poor oddly shaped blob of clay... It never had a chance.


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  1. One time a place wouldn't let us buy something so Jon wrote 99c on a can of Arizona Green Tea and left it on the shelves. ahh... memories.


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