Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These boots were made for walking....

Perhaps one of the most frightening things about finding thrift store nightmares is the simple realization that somewhere at some time some poor S.O.B. owned that particular nightmare out of sincere interest. This one for example... I can play the scenario in my head quite clearly.

"Oh honey look! We're in Texas! Let's buy this adorable, representative mug to capture this memory forever! That way everyone will know that we went to Texas!" From this point a couple purchases this mug, likely marked up way more than it's worth, and goes home only to drink from it once. Ten years pass and they glance upon this mug pushed to the back of their cabinet, hidden by all the other "World's Greatest Dad" and faded cat mugs. "What the hell is this crap? Who let this into the house!?" Then you see folks, the end of the first chapter of this mug's life comes and its new life into the Salvation Army shelves begins. It's likely that this coffee mug will walk its way into some old lady's heart next week, but for now it remains just a nightmare of sorts... I mean, come on, we're staring at a coffee mug with legs after all...


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  1. Rotflmbo. Though a mug should at some point have a pair of *really* stylin' boots.


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