Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is by far the worst...

Okay, let's examine this one, shall we? Just because something is entirely handcrafted, doesn't mean that you're getting a unique bargain or impressive piece of art. Seriously, people... The fact that this ended up at a Goodwill is beyond me because I don't even think normal thrift stores would take this!

I can only guess that this was taken from the finest trailer and the envy of the entire court. It appears to be put together from a piece of horrible 70s wood paneling (a broken one at that... Notice how this creator cleverly taped the top tip), perhaps the most dull color of playdoh ever, and a pen and paper with a random bible quote. At least they know how to spell, right?

This one will definitely go down as the most pointless, half-assed piece of thrift store nightmare garbage I've ever seen.



  1. its beautiful.. i must have it...

  2. Aw...Someone with a wealth of good intention. And you know what all that good intention paves the way to!

  3. Art!

    Seriously, what the hell? What was the price?


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