Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bozo the Barbie

Okay... Seriously... Who in their right fucking mind let this Barbie be made with this much makeup? And the hair? And the clothes? One could argue that maybe a child switched the clothes up and this was the end result, but that's the more hopeful side of me thinking. The more logical side of me says that the makers of Barbie were really high on drugs and thought this to be fashionably acceptable back in the 60s.


I mean, do you really want this to be your child's role model? I mean, really? "Hey look mom, I can put make up on just like Barbie!" And then they one day become a fat, loud, more obnoxious version of Barbie due to everyone making fun of their pathetic fashion, unmanageable clown hair, and whore makeup... Either keep your kids away or fear their future....


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