Sunday, February 15, 2009

My old lady...

Many hicks and uneducated white men commonly refer to their wives or significant others as their "old lady". A lot of people find it acceptable to acknowledge the flaws that come with their woman's appearance in the morning without their regular amounts of makeup and well-groomed hair. There is often a chuckle exchanged when speaking of the hideous appearance and a glare from the woman. My advice to the women who casually have to deal with this type of behavior is to leave their old man behind and replace themselves with this:

This way the man can actually wake up with an old lady, but in a pillow form!

I also have an image painted in my head where this pillow was accepted with great amounts of love by some lonely guy who may have been socially awkward. He probably propped it up on some milk crate body with TV antenna arms and made a very special voice for it.

Yeah, this pillow just weirds me out in general... No one should have to wake up next to this.


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