Sunday, March 29, 2009

Like, oh my god!

No... No, they didn't.

There are several things wrong with this item.

It's in a fuzzy Barbie frame. Some little girl at one point worshiped Hilary Duff enough to put her in a pretty pink Barbie frame. I guess I could see how the two could go together, but that's way too much girl overload for this writer...

It's Hilary Duff that someone was worshiping. Yuck. Teeny girl stars give me the creeps as it is... Sure, this may be a personal thing, but it's still my blog and my thrift store nightmare!

"Preppy Punk". Excuse me while I gag... Because any real punk rocker knows that the words "preppy" and "punk" will NEVER go in the same sentence together... Unless of course someone were to say, "I'm so punk I beat that preppy idiot's ass!" Even still...

Her clothing choice? Also not punk rock... Sorry honey, designer's clothes are a big "no, no".

All in all, it's not really so scary because it's a thrift store nightmare, but mostly because there are tons of girls (likely in your own neighborhood) that have this same obsession with Hilary Duff, Hannah Montana, or whatever the hell blond chick pops up next... Beware, for the teeny bopper fans are the ones that can destroy our world.


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