Friday, May 1, 2009

Golf Nightmare

After about a month of absence, I feel that this blog should again be updated, so let's go!

Today I bring to you this: The Lonely Golfer

This golfer is so incredibly lonely that even his golf club left him... I'm sure that this would be a tragedy in any golfer's life.

I imagine that this was a sincere gift to some fanatic golfer, but somehow that golfer only appreciated this thing by stealing the club that came with it and tossing the rest to the nearest thrift store. Nobody is going to buy a golfer without a club! I'm afraid that this poor guy is going to be left alone for the rest of his days... So my sad, lonely, golfer man... Best of luck to you and may you be reunited with your one golf club love again someday.



  1. He doesn't look like he's golfing to me. He does look like he's working alone. Creepy.

  2. He's ASLEEP! At least it looks that way from here.
    But that's hardly the worst of his problems! He really DOES have his golf club, but it's just that it slipped out of his grip, and the poor guy can't pick it up.
    Want to know WHY?
    I'll tell you why.
    Look at his back.
    What we have here is one seriously creepy case of what scientists call "Mountain Range Spinal Disorder."
    Dude can't move--his back's locked-up like a rusty hinge.
    Pity, isn't it?


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