Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Need some new furniture?

Well if you are an 80s power yuppie these are the right chairs for you!

Notice how flawless they appear... That's pretty good considering they are directly from the 80s. My guess is that they had little excitement in their life... They sat around an empty, long, perfectly clean white and black dining table with decorative fruit in the middle as their only company. They were likely never used or sat on, as yuppies own furniture for the sole purpose of admiring it from a distance. After paying 2000 dollars too much for something you can't have people actually using the pieces, now can you? That's absurd!


  1. So you know many yuppies personally?

  2. Wow, those are in *fantastic* conditions. And it's amazing what fabric and paint can do. Unless they were charging too much for them. I hate when thrift stores do that:P.

  3. it's really kind of sad when all you have in life is complaining about everything to attempt to make folks laugh. HEY EVERYONE: go check out Cake Wrecks. It's like this but witty.

  4. Happening upon it from someone's list of recommended blogs doesn't really qualify as reading it. Sorry.

    Also, I never said you make people laugh. ATTEMPT is the key word in that sentence. If you actually could make a joke instead of just saying "Yuppies are dumb! So Are Rednecks! Check out this generic thing!" then I'd have no problem. But you go ahead and try your little hearts out, really.

  5. Let me know when you learn to focus a camera.

    1. If you carefully look at the year this was taken, it should become apparent that that year was not a high water mark for digital camera technology. My modern cell phone's camera should be able to take pictures more to your liking.

  6. Checked out "Cake Wrecks". Amusing. Which is the cake that you submitted. Maybe you should post a picture of it on this post.

    I don't know when I'm going to finish reading all the posts in your blog


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