Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You guess is as good as mine.

With what this is.

I am left with so many questions.

What is this? Is it some sort of ape? Some sort of idiotic cave man?

Why are it's teeth falling out of its head?

Is it supposed to be a piggy bank of some sort with that slit in the middle?

Why the glasses? Why the odd thing in its hand?

But as always, with all thrift store nightmares, my biggest question of all is this... Why on earth does this exist? The world will unfortunately never know.



  1. Does he have glasses??? I want a near-sighted fat monkey man piggy bank!

  2. LOL! It looks like a carved coconut that you'd get on your exotic trip and give to someone you feel obligated to give a gift to. But who you secretly loathe. Glad I could clear it up for you;).


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