Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Foreign Knickknacks

You know we've all been there... You visit a new place and absolutely try your hardest to avoid the gift shop, but you somehow always end up there. Try as hard as you might, somehow you always end up finding the most random and sometimes, usually, tackiest item and decide that this would be the perfect reminder of your trip. I really wish these things could be thought through more thoroughly. These items always end up at thrift stores and it's sad to see them lie there, unclaimed, as no one wants anything to do with these little oddball objects. Here are a couple of examples:

Yep, every house needs a random two-headed person with a bushy mustache!

I know what they were going for, but did the maker's really have to give this poor thing clown shoes?

And what better way to liven up your house than a sad old fisherman!

So my precious readers, I urge you... Next time you visit a thrift store and see one of these neglected nightmares, pick one up and take it home. Think about all of the homes of its past and the unwanted item alone. Thrift Store Nightmares have feelings too!



  1. I like the first one! Too bad I'm decluttering, I'd buy him. That and I have no idea where he was sold.

  2. They aren't two-headed. They are conjoined Russian twins. And they're very sensitive about it.

  3. Correction... MOROCCAN conjoined twins.


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