Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inappropriate painting

Painting a portrait of your child is perfectly acceptable. This is not. Something tells me that whoever painted this kid is not related to him, and that the kid was lured into a loft apartment by a mustachioed man with promises of candy and puppies.

All art has a message. What's the message here? What's the artist trying to convey? If it's that the artist likes little boys with creepily seductive expressions so much that he has to paint them in a psychedelic dream world where no age of consent laws exist, I'd say he succeeded admirably.



  1. Love your blog! I just found it today and have been laughing myself silly.

    As for this picture, it's definitely disturbing. I couldn't work out whether or not he was wearing a scout uniform or had snakes for arms, but I'm pretty sure he has a chook sprouting from the left side of his head.

  2. Probably an Abstract Art item. Very few people can understand what an abstract artist is trying to convey.


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