Thursday, March 26, 2009

So you want to know what these thrift store stops look like?

Commonly we are asked where we find such nightmares, or to some, treasures, that we speak about in this blog. Now, let me tell you that finding thrift store nightmares is not the easiest job and is in fact one that takes a lot of dedication, especially when it comes to finding the perfect stores to shop. The two of us have done our research and searched far and wide (and continue to) destined to have found the seediest, most visibly damaged looking stores. These usually hold our best treasures. Whether it be the Salvation Army with a bum sitting outside or a Joliet area thrift store with run down buildings surrounding it and gangster rap in the air, we are usually successful at finding the most interesting crap. We've risked our health (we're positive that we caught a thrift store virus) and even our safety (we went to a very wrong side of town a time or two) to bring these nightmares to light... But somebody has to do it!


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  1. LOL!!! Awesome! There is a reason why I have hand sanitizer in the car...


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