Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pretty In Pink?

This folks, is what we call a fashion nightmare. We've all seen one outfit or another throughout our lives where we just have to sit back, pause, and take it in. Who in their right mind would have EVER found something like this fashionable!? Even in the 80s, though it was a horrifying decade for any type of apparel, I find endless amounts of disbelief in acknowledging the fact that someone, somewhere, wore this. My guess is that a psychotic bride forced her brides maids to wear dresses like these after hours of Chinese water torture... I try to convince myself that it was something a little more rational, like some blind chick going to the prom... But I know somehow that someone once adored this dress, and that in itself makes me cringe uncontrollably. I think it's best to just walk away from this one...


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