Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Original Nightmare

Behold Joel, the original thrift store nightmare.

Joel was originally found a few years back when my friends and I went to a local thrift store spontaneously looking to kill time. I had wandered around on my own for a bit only to find my two friends quickly approaching me with their faces drained of color, a paleness remaining. To say they looked like they had seen a ghost would be putting it mildly. After getting the low down of the creature they had just discovered, I followed them curiously to the location of said item, insisting on taking a look. I'm not going to lie. Joel made me step back a bit. There he was among a herd of slightly used Pooh bears and enough water babies to drain the Mississippi River. His head barely peered out to all who passed him by. I of course had to see his whole body.

I was left in disbelief. What on earth had I just found? Was this some sort of Amish Voodoo torture doll or some sentimental doll a deranged granny thought worthly of giving her only grandchild? If Little Lord Fauntleroy's corpse went missing, I had surely found it. Jesus. With the horror that surrounded this incredibly creepy piece, what else was I to do?

Buy it of course!

Since then Joel has made himself at home in my living establishment and though through the years he has sent many guests screaming, he's still quite a happy member of our family and will continue to be... After all, with a doll like this, you can't be too careful with how you act around him. Chucky's got nothing on Joel...


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