Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ah cassette players... This brings me back...

Remember the simple days when no Ipods or mp3 players existed? CDs were barely even in the making... But there were cassettes and you were the coolest kid on the block if you had a decent cassette player.

I'd imagine this one wouldn't do much for you though...

Take a close look. Something is missing... Something quite important.

No eject/open button!? Okay, that can't be right... Sadly though, it is. After battling this cassette player in disbelief for a few minutes, j-on and myself have determined that there is no physical way to open this cassette player aside from breaking it open. There is no hidden trick. No plugging it in and it magically opening... No pushing the cassette door to open it... Hell, that baby is solidly built and solidly shut! I can just imagine the horror glued across that one 80s kid who received this as a gift only to be defeated by this evil machine. He would not become the cool kid on the block. Instead he would be known as the boy who has a cassette player, but is too stupid to have one that actually accepts tapes...

I'd hope there was something we were missing, but it doesn't appear as so. And even if we did miss some random way of opening this horrid device, should it really be that difficult to open!?

I rest my case.

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