Sunday, February 6, 2011

A long awaited update...

Because it's been awhile since we last updated, I've decided that all of you readers should get to view a handful of thriftstore nightmares we've come across these last few months... I wish this was for your viewing pleasure, but with any of these finds, you know how that goes....

Alright, first up we have the Deluxe Bedazzler! If the marketing angle is to dress up my clothing with studs and jewels to make myself look cooler, the people who made this product definitely messed up when they found this girl model. If I end up looking like her I might as well punch myself in the face because any normal person would beat the crap out of a dweeb like her... Especially a dweeb stuck in 1976 with a studded jacket... Come on...

Next we have a handcrafted coffee mug entitled "DAD". Because what better way to celebrate Dad's existence than with a mug that resembles some type of poop troll?

Okay now, let's see here... What is this? Oh, uh... A mummified, earless, bear monster?

Oh wait, scratch that. It's a squatting cat ash tray! Right... A squatting cat ash tray... You know, I don't even think you could find this piece in your weird next door neighbor cat lady's house.

Moving far, far away from that nightmare...

And some of these other nightmares have no descriptions. They just are what they are.

A half broken Jesus.

Legless bull rider.

Siamese Twins from Hell

I hope that this entry was sufficient enough to tide you over for now. I apologize for our absence on this website and promise to try and update it more often, but with a toddler running around and a husband who is a programmer, the two of us are constantly working on various new projects around the web, as well as chasing the little one. Rest assured that we always are on the look out for new nightmares, though! Thriftstore Nightmares is always one of our favorite hobbies, so be on the look out for new additions!

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