Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Christmas time in May!

Hey guys, you know what's awesome? Getting great deals on clearance Christmas items! The way you go about doing this is so easy too! You just buy the Christmas items on the off season and you'll get them for practically a steal! Then come next Christmas you won't have to pay high dollar prices to decorate your lovely home! Now, it might be a little harder to find Christmas items in the month of may at your local department store, but a thrift store is always a good start! So let's see here... Need a Christmas tree?

Oh um... So that's a Christmas tree found at the Salvation Army, huh? Maybe it's not so bad... Let's take a good look, shall we?

-It's pre-lit. That's always a plus... But the lights are tangled.
-It's able to stand upright... But it is missing the upper half...
-It's green! It has that going for it!

Yeah... I don't know. Is it really worth the 10 dollars? I think Charley Brown may have one upped this sorry tree.

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